On occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation Berlin based artist Philipp Geist creates a two-part light art/video-mapping installation for both, the outer facade of the church and the interior of the Lutheran church. The focus of the project lies on the changing significance of the image within the Reformation. To this end, the word is expressed in the form of subject-related slogans, concepts from the history of the Evangelical Church in Venice, drawings and paintings artistically integrated into the abstract and clearly recognizable visual world. The visitors enter the world of words and images, pass through the light and word sculptures and become part of the installation. Philipp Geist developes a dialogue between the place, the visitors and his artistic work. Abstract, picturesque passages of colors, structures and lines build up, superimpose and displace each other. These symbolize the course and the changes of time, the permanence and warmth of faith and the volatility of being.
Curatore/Kurator/Curator/: Christian Schoen

Open daily 4-8 pm

Campo Ss. Apostoli

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